Recycle teams clean up the bridge

Local - 10/19/2013 8:27 PM by Joe Hellriegel
FAYETTEVILLE - Bridge Day usually draws between 80,000 to 100,000 people which means a lot of trash around the area. So the Town of Fayetteville and and the Fayette County Green Advisory Team helped recycle cans, cups and cardboard boxes from vendors and people enjoying the day. The Boy Scouts from troop 179 Buckskin Council also helped clean the area which in turn helps the town.

"They push shopping carts these guys, up and down the bridge and they ask the vendors for their cardboard and load it up here in our truck from the town of Fayetteville and they haul it away at the end of the day and we get the numbers back and Fayetteville gets some money for our efforts," said President of Fayette County Green Advisory Team, Gabriel Pena.

This marks the 4th year of the bridge recycling project.


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