Bridge Day rescue teams handle moderate day

Local - 10/19/2013 8:19 PM by Joe Hellriegel
LANSING - With Bridge Day comes danger, especially for the landing of the base jumpers.

Jan-Care and other EMS workers were on scene all day tending to rough landings and jumpers stuck in trees. There were a few instances where jumpers landed hard or on rocks and needed assistance. EMS workers say it's common to have a few injuries at this event.

"Today has been good, we've had three rescues from trees and those have all been smooth, we've had 12 people that we treated, mostly minor injuries, looks like we're going to have maybe two transports to the hospital, so everybody has been safe so far and that's certainly the way we like it," said Paul Seamann with Jan-Care.

None of the jumpers sustained life threatening injuries.


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