Final preparations for Bridge Day

Local - 10/18/2013 5:10 PM by Joe Hellriegel
LANSING - Saturday is Bridge Day and the final preparations are being made.

Local fire departments were out at the bottom of the bridge pre-rigging trees for bridge day on Saturday. Ansted, Nuttall, Fayetteville and Oak Hill fire departments shot lines into the trees to make it easier to rescue jumpers out of the trees. The group of departments make up the Fayette County Vertical Rescue Team who say it saves a lot of time pre-rigging the trees.

"The only reason we do this, is there is a chance they won't land in these trees, but there is a chance they will, and if they hit a tree in the landing zone it gives us more time if it's pre-rigged to be able to get up to them and get them out," said Ansted Fire Chief Mike Gray. "To get people out in the landing zone is what our goal is."


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