Two Minden men arrested after calling police and asking if they wanted to buy drugs, police said

Local - 10/18/2013 11:01 AM
MINDEN - Two Minden men were booked Thursday night after they allegedly called state police and asked troopers if they'd like to buy drugs.

John Frederick Jarrell, 36, and Danny Lee Kincaid, 60, were arrested last night after they called the wrong number.  According to Sheriff Steve Kessler, someone called the barracks in Oak Hill.  A trooper answered the phone by saying, "West Virginia State Police, how may I help you?" To the troopers surprise, the caller identified himself as "John" and asked if he wanted to buy drugs.  The caller even gave directions to a home in the area known as "Dog Holler."

An undercover officer met with the men for a controlled buy.  As soon as that officer left, uniformed officers executed a search warrant and found Hydrocodone and money.  Kincaid was charged with deliver and possession of a controlled substance along with conspiracy, while Jarrell faced delivery and conspiracy charges. Both men are in Southern Regional Jail. 


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