Fayette County Chamber of Commerce prepares for Bridge Day

Local - 10/15/2013 5:01 PM by Joe Hellriegel
OAK HILL - This Saturday the largest city in West Virginia will be on the New River Gorge Bridge for Bridge Day. The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce is getting ready for the event.

Signs are now up to advertise the big day and the Chamber of Commerce says there are new shows for this year like a pogo stunt team and a flat-line BMX show. The government shutdown has affected many things in the country but Bridge Day isn't one of them.

"With the government shutdown that will of course have an affect on the economy and is having an affect on the economy and the good thing is that Bridge Day is a free event and we invite people out to enjoy a free event during this government shutdown," said Sharon Cruikshank with the Chamber of Commerce. "We do work hand in hand with a lot of civic groups to organize Bridge Day, everybody works together to bring this event seemingly to the public."

The base jumping will begin at 9 a.m., but vendors will be out as early as 5:30 that morning.


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