Hospitals will be "business as usual" on Bridge Day, according to doctors

Local - 10/14/2013 6:00 PM by Rebecca Turco

BECKLEY - Doctors at area hospitals said it will be business as usual on Bridge Day, although they anticipate seeing more trauma patients.

Plateau Medical Center, Beckley ARH Hospital and Raleigh General Hospital do not make additional preparations for Bridge Day. Doctors said they have fully staffed Emergency Rooms 24-7, so they are ready for any influx of patients.

“We anticipate the days that we're going to have more traumas and we kind of build that into our system where we have backup when we need to,” explained Dr. David Stuart, trauma medical director at Beckley ARH Hospital.

Each hospital typically sees a handful of additional trauma patients on Bridge Day. “We anticipate an influx just of medical patients as well, because obviously the vast majority of people that are going to

Bridge Day aren't jumping off the bridge - they're visiting,” explained Emergency Room Dr. Clinton Curtis of Plateau Medical Center

Bridge Day patients are divvied up between the hospitals so no one facility is overwhelmed. Most of the injuries doctors see that day are orthopaedic in nature.


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