Buffalo Wild Wings in Mt. Hope is helping local kids

Local - 10/13/2013 6:19 PM by Joe Hellriegel
MT. HOPE - A local restaurant is partnering up with a motorcycle ministry to help raise money for kids with cancer.

The buffalo wild wings in mount hope is giving 15% of purchases on October 28th to help raise money for four kids with cancer. It's Monday Night Football and after the first quarter they will be giving away an autographed helmet by Terry Bradshaw, the famous former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback. Tickets are $10 to enter the raffle for the helmet.

"You got ministry, you got motorcycles you have children with cancer and you have sports, and when all those things come together it can do nothing but good, nothing but good things, so were just honored. Buffalo Wild Wings is very honored they chose our establishment to host this fundraiser and to do this giveaway of Terry Bradshaw, you either love him from the Pittsburgh Steelers or you love him in movies like me," said manager Kimberly Edwards.


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