AAA raises awareness for car maintenance

Local - 10/11/2013 4:14 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - This month is car care month and one organization is reminding people of the importance of keeping up with your car's maintenance.

AAA is letting people know the simple steps to taking care of your vehicle before the winter months.
1. Check the air and wear of your tires.
2. Make sure your car battery is properly charged.
3. Keep the windshield wipers working.
4. Work with a local repair ship you trust.

"It's important for people to do that just for the maintenance for the car itself and also just to make sure your not stranded out in the road in the winter months where it can get really cold but it also allows you to be comfortable with enough time for responders to get to you so your not in a dangerous situation," said AAA District office supervisor Crissy Grey.

Visit AAA.COM for more information.


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