Meadow Bridge High School to be removed from proposed merger of three schools

Local - 10/9/2013 6:58 PM by Rebecca Turco

CHARLESTON - The state school board passed an amendment Wednesday to remove Meadow Bridge High School from a proposed merger.

The Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP) for the county originally called for Midland Trail, Fayetteville and Meadow Bridge High Schools to be consolidated. The approved amendment calls for Meadow Bridge High School to be removed from this plan for one year in order to complete a study of how best to educate those students. 

Fayette County Schools are in intervention status with the state, which is why the state school board needed to approve the amendment. 

Superintendent Keith Butcher said the county board of education will need to look at cost analysis to determine if additional changes to the CEFP need to be made. "We will need to come back to the drawing board and find a plan that citizens can agree on so that we can move Fayette County forward," Butcher explained. "Their facilities are in great need of repair and we still need to accomplish that job."

About 25 community members went to Wednesday's state Board of Education meeting in support of the amendment. Michelle Farr, a parent of two Meadow Bridge High School students, said she is pleased Meadow Bridge High School will remain intact. "We don't want to tear down other schools," Farr explained. "We just want the area to recognize how great our school is."

Butcher said the Fayette County School Board still needs the support of the School Building Authority, the state Board of Education and county voters to determine how the schools can be improved.


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