Kids visit fire departments for Fire Prevent Week

Local - 10/7/2013 5:47 PM by Joe Hellriegel
OAK HILL - Fire Prevention Week starts Monday and local fire departments are inviting kids to come learn more about fire safety.

Kids from Sophia Head Start visited the Beckley Fire Department for the first day of the Fire Prevention Week. They go to tour the station after watching a fire safety video, then on to the cool stuff, the fire trucks.

"We try to teach them about smoke detectors, drills in the home, stop drop and roll, so hopefully they go away learning something," said 1st class fire fighter Robert Donelow of the Beckley Fire Department.

This years theme is preventing kitchen fires.

The Beckley Fire Department isn't the only station inviting kids to learn about fire safety. The Oak Hill Fire Department is also being proactive in the first day of Fire Prevention Week.

"Fire prevention week started in 1977, during that year there was over 7,000,000 fires, during the year in 1977 and over 7,000 fire deaths. In 2012 there was a little over 1,000,000 fires with almost a little over 1,000 fire deaths, so fire prevention week has helped drastically," said Assistant fire chief Robert Begley of the Oak Hill fire department.

The Oak Hill Fire Department will travel to different sites starting Wednesday and expect to reach 1,500 kids, and if there is anything they learned, it's this: "Stop, Drop and roll!" said the kids.


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