Tamarack commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Local - 10/1/2013 5:13 PM by Rebecca Turco
BECKLEY - Tamarack is commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a record-sized depiction of love.

The world's largest pink ribbon scarf is being displayed at Tamarack. The scarf is 6,042 feet long and Marketing Director Cindy Whitlock said organizers hope to make its length two miles by the end of the month.

Folks across America have contributed pieces to the scarf, which is part of Terri's Tribute, a scholarship fund for kids who have lost their mothers to breast cancer. Whitlock hopes the display reaches out to people. "Breast cancer touches everybody in some way unfortunately and I think the more visual tributes that we see, the harder it is to forget about [the people affected]."

All pieces donated are being measured into the total length of the scarf, but some are being darned together to create lap blankets for chemotherapy patients.

Tamarack is also selling pink ribbon products made by local artisans this month.


Instructions to knit or crochet pieces for the awareness project:

Use 100 percent acrylic yarn in any shade of pink. Do not use baby blanket yarns.

TO KNIT: Using size 13 needles, cast on about 25 stitches for a piece no wider than 7 inches. Do not purl. End length should be no more than 5 feet. Bind off and knot. If you cannot bind off, please send with needle and it will be returned to you.

TO CROCHET: Using size G hook, single crochet no wider than 7 inches. Double crochet the rest to no longer than 5 feet, but it may be shorter.

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Questions? E-mail terristribute@yahoo.com or call 304-640-2295


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