Rockefeller released statement on government shutdown

Local - 10/1/2013 7:49 AM by Nadine Grimley

WASHINGTON, D.C. - West Virginia's senior Senator Jay Rockefeller reacted to the partial shutdown.

Rockefeller said, "In reflecting on nearly 50 years of public service, I can hardly think of a time when a group of lawmakers have acted so recklessly as now.  Overseeing the operations of our federal government is a profoundly serious responsibility, entrusted to Congress by the American people.  And today, a very vocal few are abdicating that moral and Constitutional responsibility through a vicious campaign to deny health care coverage to millions of Americans.  I've serve in the United States Senate long enough to know that even in times of deep disagreement, it's wrong to hold one issue hostage to another.  Sadly, that is the only thing Republicans can say they've accomplished today.  They do not have all of the answers, and to pretend otherwise is the worst kind of arrogance because it doesn't happen in a vacuum.  It has very real economic and personal consequences for West Virginia and our country."


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