North Beckley Church of Christ speads word about "Ready Sunday"

Local - 9/29/2013 3:47 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - September is host to many events like Labor Day, Grandparents Day, and the first day of autumn. It's also National Preparedness month and one church in Beckley is doing as much as it can to let people know.

The North Beckley Church of Christ welcomes people for their Sunday service but also wants to spread the word about Ready Sunday. It's an opportunity for all area congregations to stress the importance of emergency preparedness to their members and visitors. Organizers tell Newswatch the minister is utilizing preparedness in his Sunday service message.

"Well obviously when you have a large scale event our emergency responders are overwhelmed so we, whether it's individuals or families or congregations need to be as self efficient as they can and that's what were trying to stress here this morning, that as a congregation if your more prepared then that's less burden we take off on our city and our responders and so were going to try and do our part in this effort," said Kevin Taylor, director of emergency services.

The church also has emergency readiness materials for anyone to take home.


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