Drive-in movies

Local - 9/20/2013 8:55 AM by Nadine Grimley

MEADOW BRIDGE - The Meadow Bridge Drive-in was built in 1953 and opened up for the first time back in the Spring of 1954.  Ever since the early 1980s the McClanahan family has run the show.

"I heard yesterday there was only 360 left in the United States, there's only five in West Virginia," said Howard McClanahan.  "I like to run it because it gives us something to do, I'm retired, and we got into it.  We just enjoy it and enjoy meeting the people that come."

McClanahan said they have people come from across state lines to enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

"They can get out, a lot of times they bring their own food, and they can bring their chairs and sit in the back of the trucks, lay a blanket out in the grass, and they can have their kids here and now worry about the noise."

Even if you don't bring your own food they have the works at the concession stand: candy, pizza, nachos, drinks, and popcorn.  

This year, they even improved the movie-viewing experience.

"We did get our new projector," said McClanahan, "We got a better picture.  It's just like a plasma TV.  It's beautiful."

You have a few more weekends to catch a flick under the stars. For showtimes and movies, you can head on over to their website.


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