Theater West Virginia struggles with funding, closes its doors

Local - 9/19/2013 5:21 PM by Karen Franklin
MABSCOTT - Officials with Theater West Virginia, a company known for its musical tours, reluctantly announced its end after year of funding struggles.

Board members unanimously voted Wednesday to close the company partly due to reduced state funding. The news also follows a rainy summer, which forced the company to cancel three shows and miss out on three paychecks.

"There were tears," General Manager Gayle Bowling told Newswatch. "There was shock. There was all sorts of feelings. I made the comment to some of my folks yesterday that it felt like there had been a death in the family. That's kind of how you feel."

Theater West Virginia began in 1955. It's first plays included "Honey and the Rock" and "Hatfields and McCoys."

"It's been such a tradition for people to come out there and see the show, and even if folks who live here have seen them, when they get out of town guests, that's where they take them," Bowling said.

Theater West Virginia said its next step is to liquidate assets to satisfy the vendors it owes.


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