Secretary of State Natalie Tennant officially announces candidacy

Local - 9/17/2013 6:27 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - Secretary of State Natalie Tennant officially announces that she's planning to run for U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller's seat in 2014.

At a conference at Tamarack in Beckley she says her decision to run has come after hearing from citizens all across the state who are concerned about the nation's direction, intense discussion with her family and many prayers. She also says she isn't as liberal as some might think of her as.

"When you want to talk about being a fiscal conservative no one shows that better than I do who has given back $3 million to the tax payers of West Virginia, instead of being obstructionist in what's taking place in Washington D.C.," said Tennant.

Tennant's candidacy sets up the possibility of a high profile battle with another woman, the seven-term popular Republican U.S. Representative Shelley Moore Capito who announced her intentions to run prior to Rockefeller's announcement that he wouldn't seek a sixth term.

This statement was released by Chris Hansen the campaign manager for Capito for West Virginia.
"As the Chairman of the West Virginia Democratic Party confirmed, Harry Reid and the liberal D.C. Democrats handpicked Natalie Tennant to be their nominee. It is no wonder they picked West Virginia's biggest supporter of Obamacare, the War on Coal and President Obama's entire extreme agenda."

Fayette County GOP Gary Lilly tells Newswatch Natalie Tennant is not the right fit for the state senate seat and says Capito is best for the position and for the state of West Virginia.
"This has been something we've expected for the last couple of month, Democrats have scrapped from the barrel for the last two months, she'll be up there to do President Obama and Harriet Reid's agenda, she won't be there to represent West Virginia."

History will be made either way by having the first female in the senate seat for the state of West Virginia if they get the nomination from their respective parties.


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