Officers receive street survival training

Local - 9/16/2013 5:28 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - In Raleigh County the Raleigh County Sheriff's Office is presenting a street survival seminar Monday for law enforcement officers throughout the state.

The seminar at the Raleigh County Convention Center will show between 60 and 70 video clips of things that are hard to watch, like officers being shot and injured on the job. The point is to make officers realize the danger and importance they have in the community. The instructor is retired Lieutenant Jim Glennon who tells Newswatch he challenges the officers to not live above the law.

"We ask them why are they driving so fast, why aren't they wearing their seat belt, what are they thinking about when they walk up on a car," said Glennon. "Our goal really is trying to keep as many police officers alive as we possibly can."

The seminar continues Tuesday at the Raleigh County Convention Center.


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