Unclaimed Powerball ticket deadline is Monday Sept. 16

Local - 9/15/2013 5:22 PM
BECKLEY - Many people would agree that a million dollars is a lot of money to leave on the table, or in this case unclaimed.

The winning $1 million Powerball ticket was bought at the Little General convenience store in Beckley but nobody has claimed it yet. The winning numbers were drawn on March 16 and the deadline to claim that ticket is Monday September 16. This is leaving people in the area curious of why nobody has come forward to collect their earnings.

"Well I just bought another new car so I pay a lot of bills, it seems to me that if it was a million dollar ticket they would be here to get it," said Chris Shannon of Beckley.

"I feel like whoever has the winning ticket probably don't know because if they knew they would be up here right now or they would have been up here with the ticket, so that's what I think," said Tiesha Austin of Beckley.

The winning numbers are 3-7-21-44-55 and the Powerball number was 16.


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