Beckley cop charged with domestic battery, unlawful detention

Local - 9/11/2013 1:02 PM by Nadine Grimley

PROSPERITY - A Beckley police officer faced misdemeanor charges Wednesday morning that stem from a domestic violence call at his residence in the early morning hours of September 10.

According to a criminal complaint, Bryan Atterson was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and unlawful detention after he allegedly applied a martial arts maneuver on his girlfriend that knocked her to the ground and caused her to hit her head.  Atterson then allegedly held her in a choke hold until she almost passed out.  The document cited that he admitted to physically restraining her at one point during the confrontation.

The Raleigh County Sheriff's Office handled the investigation. 

"Law enforcement is like anybody else.  We tend to want to set them on a pedestal, but they're really no different than anybody else," said Sheriff Steve Tanner, "Everybody has problems in their relationships.  I think the important point here is that law enforcement is not exempt, and we don't turn a blind eye toward law enforcement.  Everybody has to be accountable and play by the same set of rules. I think it's also important to point out here that this is the beginning of an investigation.  Nobody's been found guilty of anything, so it is premature to say what if and what should happen now."

Authorities told WOAY that Atterson remained free on bond.   

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