Former Raleigh County employee gets thousands following lawsuit, officials say

Local - 9/10/2013 6:17 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - A former Raleigh County employee is set to get thousands of dollars from the county after settling a lawsuit outside of court.

Eileen Maschal, who has since retired from the Assessor's Office, will receive about $6100 from Raleigh County, in addition to money from her insurance company. She filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit after two male coworkers received raises, according to County Assessor Drema B. Evans.

"I think it makes you think twice," Evans said. "I don't know whether that's good or bad about a lot of things. You're apprehensive about doing a lot of things when something like this happens."

Barbara Vira, who is still working for the office as an appraiser, won her lawsuit months ago. Both she and Maschal began their complaints to the Human Rights Commission last year, officials said.

"Anytime you have a complaint or disgruntled employees, it's a big deal," county attorney Carl Roop told Newswatch. "You hope you can always resolve disputes and differences by sitting at a table together and resolving it short of the litigation costs and the costs of going to court."

Both Roop and Evans said they will be reviewing polices and procedures at the office.


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