Manchin says "no" to Syrian strike

Local - 9/9/2013 11:37 PM by Courtney Rosemond

WASHINGTON D.C. - President Barack Obama is trying to convince a skeptical nation to back his push for military action in Syria. Meanwhile West Virginia's Junior Senator, Joe Manchin says no.

Monday Manchin announced that is voting against a strike in the ongoing situation in Syria. Manchin says I am deeply concerned by the use of chemical weapons in Syria against innocent people, but after over a decade of war in the Middle East, there needs to be compelling evidence that there is an imminent threat to the security of the American people or our allies before any military action is taken."

"I do not believe that a direct strike using missiles and whatever we would use is the right thing to do at this time. I do not believe this could have any positive outcome for us whatsoever or secure the weapons the chemical weapons they're using."

Seantor Jay Rockefeller's office says he is undecided and still gathering information. 


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