Fayetteville ordinance remains unchanged

Local - 9/5/2013 10:58 PM by Courtney Rosemond

FAYETTEVILLE - The town of Fayetteville will not be going to the chickens - literally

After a heated discussion The Town Council of Fayetteville unanimously decided Thursday to keep the current ordinance regarding animals within the town limits unchanged. A packed house heard people from both sides discuss their stance on whether one family is allowed to have a chicken coop and chickens on the grounds of their property. City laws prohibit the existence of certain animals to reside or exist within the boundaries of the town.

Property owner, Chandra LaCost says, she and her husband were misled on several issues, are disappointed with the decision.

LaCost goes on to say “You know purchasing a home that's, that big that costs that much, for the purposes that we bought it for, you know that's one thing, to be treated like this by our neighbors, to be treated like this by the council to be completely disregarded, nobody calling back us is not someplace that has welcomes us."

LaCost plans on appealing.


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