Fayette Co. deputy resigns after confessing to stealing from organization

Local - 9/5/2013 5:01 PM by Rebecca Turco

FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayette County deputy resigned last Thursday after confessing to stealing from an organization that raised money for a young cancer patient.

Former Sergeant Stephen Gray disclosed to Sheriff Steve Kessler that he stole money from the New River Tactical Unit and the Fayette County Deputy Sheriff's Association. Gray was associated with both organizations.

Upon hearing the confession, Kessler said he gave Gray the option to resign or be dismissed. Gray chose to resign.

Nick Mooney with the New River Tactical Unit said the the unit hosted a charity concealed weapons class for a local boy with cancer. Mooney said he was recently approached by members of the community who were concerned the boy's family never received the donations. He said the money has since been returned to the family.

Kessler said the situation is frustrating. "The public looks at all law enforcement as being to a higher standard and you have to keep that standard," he said.

Kessler explained since the entities are non-governmental and unaffiliated with the department, it is up to each organization to decide if they want to pursue charges. 

Mooney said an audit of finances is being conducted for the New River Tactical Unit. He also said an audit of accounts of the Deputy Sheriff's Association is being conducted to find out if money was taken from there as well. "Once that is complete, we will know more and have a better understanding of what, if anything, happened [with the Deputy Sheriff's Association]," Mooney said.

Gray worked at the Sheriff's Department for 17 years.


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