No actions taken on the status of Meadow Bridge

Local - 9/3/2013 11:45 PM by Courtney Rosemond

FAYETTEVILLE - West Virginia’s State Board of Education President listened to supporters of a Fayette County High School Tuesday at the first school board meeting of the new school year.

Meadow Bridge supporters greeted Gayle Machin in Fayetteville and voiced their concerns on the continued existence of their school. Those in attendance gave many reasons to why the eastern Fayette County School should remain open. Meadow Bridge which has above average marks in many educational categories continues to be the smallest school in the county. Manchin, who went to school in both Fayette and Raleigh Counties understands the position a small community will take, she says,

"That people are very passionate about their children here, I mean we beg for parents to be involved, we beg for the community to care about their school, and we're hearing that here and we're seeing that here, and that's wonderful. That's what we should be in West Virginia."

The board presented the treasures report to the public. No action on the status of Meadow Bridge was taken. Fayette County Schools have been under control of the state since January of 2010.


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