Authorities react to six Fayette County fatalities over Labor Day weekend

Local - 9/3/2013 5:33 PM by Karen Franklin
OAK HILL - Fayette County authorities are sharing the same feelings after three car crashes claimed the lives of six West Virginians over Labor Day weekend.

"As cold as it sounds, you eventually kind of get used to this," Sheriff Steve Kessler said. "It's something you see pretty regular."

Officials in Pax agreed.

"We're used to it, and that's a bad thing to be, but you still got to have compassion," Pax Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief John Lovelace.

For the responders, it's all part of the job. Lt. Nick Ellison responded to Saturday night's triple fatal.

"Some of them you remember for years," Ellison told WOAY. "Some of them -- I guess after you get used to running so many -- they don't bother you as much."

Many first responders agree that the sights and sounds at an accident scene can become routine, but there's one thing that makes these fatalities all too real.

"When it's people that you know personally, then those types of situations also have an impact," Paul Seamann, of Jan-Care Ambulance, told Newswatch. "There is that connection."

Counseling is available to deputies, EMTs and firefighters if need be, but on the scene, it's all about providing help.
"We're blessed," Ellison said. "We got good guys that stay professional. They stay focused at what's at hand."

Jan-Care employees believe their job is to support the community they serve.

"These are individuals just like you, and that certainly didn't expect that to happen when they got up in the morning," Seamann said.


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