Fake money reported in Fayette County: VIDEO INCLUDED

Local - 9/2/2013 10:44 AM by Nadine Grimley

OAK HILL - Fayette County Deputies are looking for information and four suspects after several fake bills are used in the Oak Hill Area.

According to Sheriff Steve Kessler, several counterfeit $100 and $50 bills were used Friday night.  Kessler said two women reported that they met four men at the Spotlight nightclub who were freely handing out money to "all the pretty girls" at the bar.  The women told authorities they were suspicious of the bills and reported it to police. 

Deputies spoke with representatives of the Spotlight Saturday night, but officials said they received little cooperation.

The suspects are described as four young black men, in their mid to late 20s. They were driving a light blue Hyundai Sonata and told the women they were visiting from South Carolina and were staying with family members at the Pine Knoll Apartments.  

Anyone with information is asked to call the Fayette County 911 Center, the Sheriff's Department, or Crimestoppers. 


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