New grading system helps parents keep tabs on grades

Local - 8/29/2013 5:07 PM by Karen Franklin
SHADY SPRING - Parents in Raleigh County will keep track on their kids' grades very closely with the help of a new countywide grading system.

"They like to see if I'm telling the truth about my grades, or if I hide papers," seventh grader Raygan Richmond said about her parents.

Beginning this year all students, parents and teachers are users on Engrade, an online grading system with instant grade updates. The system allows for interaction between teachers, parents and students.

"It's a great tool to allow the students to know that we're there for them when they need us to help them for their work, and parents also know that, 'Hey, we're always going to be there for the kids,'" teacher Kevin Simmerman said. "We want to help the kids learn in a safe environment."

Administrators think the switch to digital will help students progress and keep their interest throughout the year.

"It's easy," said administrator Melody Cox. "It's good for them. They can keep track and know exactly where they're low, what they're struggling in, know what they didn't turn in, what they have turned in."


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