VGo makes its debut at Summers Co. School Board meeting

Local - 8/28/2013 5:46 PM by Rebecca Turco

HINTON – A robot that is helping a young cancer patient virtually attend school made its debut Wednesday to the Summers County School Board and the State Superintendent.

Ellie Rhodes attended to the summers county school board meeting through a remote-controlled robot called VGo. Rhodes is the first student to use VGo in the state. The robot allows her to keep up in school and interact with classmates.

State Superintendent Dr. James Phares wants to bring awareness to this new technology. “It needs to be shared statewide because she's not the only student in that circumstance,” he said. “And what a wonderful way to continue to have interaction with a real teacher and with other students.”

Business Manager and Treasurer Jennifer Farley of the Summers County Board of Education said Rhodes is at an age where social development is important. “She really feels like she's a part [of the classroom]," Farley said. “The first day of school, she was there instead of being isolated to her home.”

Farley and Phares hope VGo will eventually be used for other students in similar situations.


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