First Raleigh County students receive their iPads Monday

Local - 8/26/2013 5:13 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - About 430 lucky middle school students are the first in Raleigh County to receive their iPads for the school year.

Superintendent Jim Brown and the county's technology specialists distributed the first set of iPads sixth, seventh and eighth graders at Park Middle School.

"Today was a little hectic because any time you're dealing with distributing technology to students, they're really excited," Principal Dr. Jacquie McPeake told WOAY. "But it was very, very organized."

Although most of the morning was spent troubleshooting and activating the iPads, teachers and students are excited to make the transition.

"Even though we have to do work on them -- which I'm not so psyched about that -- but when we get home, we get to take pictures and play on as many games as we want," seventh grader Haley Richardson.

Her fellow classmates are eager to ditch the textbooks like other counties can't.

"They still have to use textbooks, and we won't have to carry them around," seventh grader Tristianna McGinnis said.
Brown told Newswatch the iPad deployment will continue Tuesday at Trap Hill Middle School.


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