Hundreds of Oakvale residents receive access to public water

Local - 8/23/2013 6:14 PM by Rebecca Turco
OAKVALE - Around 370 residents of a Mercer County town now have access to clean drinking water.

Officials turned the public water valve Friday morning in Oakvale, celebrating the completion of the Mercer/Summers Phase IV-A Water Project. The project began in Fall 2011.

Those 370 residents used to receive water through wells, but testing showed very high levels of E-coli in water that area, according to Pamela Browning, manager of the Oakvale Road Public Service District. Browning said running water that is clean is a better alternative. "(Residents) won't have to worry about the wells going dry, or have to worry about their laundry being soiled," she said. "So we're very happy for them."

With the completion of Phase IV-A, every Oakvale resident who opted in has access to public water. Browning said the next phase of the project is in the Elgood area.


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