Nicholas County woman arrested for hiding human remains

Local - 8/22/2013 4:58 PM by Karen Franklin
SUMMERSVILLE - A Nicholas County woman accused of hiding human remains was arrested Thursday following her discharge from a hospital.

Wanda Faye Kiser, 61, faces two felony counts of concealing human remains after authorities found a human skull, a leg still bearing a sock and what appeared to be hair in her rented Summersville storage unit, state police said.

Since the discovery, Alabama authorities investigating the disappearance of 105-year-old Mary Cobb and 84-year-old Wynona Delvecchio flew to West Virginia.

Paperwork with the names of the two missing women were found inside Kiser's storage unit along with the remains.
Alabama authorities said Kiser checked both women out of a nursing home three years before they were reported missing in 2003.


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