Police find 200 pot plants

Local - 8/21/2013 10:27 PM by Courtney Rosemond
OAK HILL - A tip leads police to a marijuana crop worth about $400,000.

 On Wednesday, multiple Fayette County police agencies helped out in the eradication of more than 200 marijuana plants, worth about $2,000 per plant. Police say a tip lead them to the area where the marijuana was growing. No arrests have been. Police continue their efforts to eradicate plants throughout the county.

Trooper Cavin Mollohan says "crops vary from year to year, and of course weather plays a big role in that, this year it's bee wet, it's been humid and of course that helps any plant grow. This year plants are a little larger than what we found in the past."

Police continue to eradicate crops, anyone with information is asked to call authorities.


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