Raleigh County Humane Society offers cheaper adoption rates this week

Local - 8/21/2013 5:08 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - The Raleigh County Humane Society is offering discounted adoption fees this week in hopes of reducing overcrowding at the shelter.

Wednesday through Saturday, employees are holding a "mystery shopper" event where prospective owners get the chance to adopt a dog or cat at a cheaper price. Rather than paying $35 plus a refundable spay and neuter fee, people adopting animals this week will pick a ticket out of a hat with a cheaper adoption rate.

Prices on the tickets range from $1 to $20.

"We're starting to have to make a waiting list for people that need to turn in their pets or animals that they've found stray, and we're just so overpopulated," Joyce Stover said. "We're just so full that we're trying to do anything to get some of these animals out to forever homes and get them out of the shelter."

Humane society employees are also trying to find the owner of this small Chihuahua mix that was found roaming the streets in Beckley.

Stover wanted to leave residents with a word of advice.

"Remember spay and neuter your pets," she told Newswatch. "Especially with cats and dogs, but mostly with cats. They populate like that. Three to four times a year, and that's one of the reasons the shelters are so overcrowded because people aren't getting their pets spayed and neutered."


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