State officials call for help from experts in identifying remains found in Summersville

Local - 8/20/2013 11:44 AM by Nadine Grimley
SUMMERSVILLE - State officials have called experts from Washington, D.C. as they work to identify two sets of human remains found in a Nicholas County Storage Unit.

Prosecutors said that no positive I.D. has been made on the bodies or a skull.  That skull was found inside the home of Wanda Kiser, 61.  Prosecutors said Kiser will be charged with two counts of illegally disposing of a body once she's released from the hospital.  Warrants for her arrest were issued after the bodies were discovered almost a week ago.  

Kiser was also charged with ten counts of forgery in Alabama after officials there said she cashed retirement checks that belonged to Mary Cobb, 105, and Wynona Delvecchio, 84, both from Jasper, AL.

Alabama authorities said Kiser checked the women out of a nursing home in 2000.  They were reported missing three years later. 


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