Authorities await ID, cause of deaths of decomposing bodies found in storage unit

Local - 8/16/2013 4:38 PM by Karen Franklin
SUMMERSVILLE - Authorities in West Virginia and Alabama are awaiting the identification and cause of deaths of two bodies found decomposing in a Summersville storage unit.

Sgt. Ron Lilly of State Police told WOAY they responded to Storall in Nicholas County Wednesday after the facility's owner made the discovery in an unsecured unit.

Authorities from Alabama investigating the disappearance of a mother and daughter flew to West Virginia Thursday after they linked the case to a person of interest in Nicholas County.

"We're working to determine if we have criminal violations in West Virginia, then appropriate people will be charged," Lilly told WOAY. "If the violations occurred in Alabama, then the evidence and things will be turned over to the Alabama authorities."

State Police cannot confirm if the cases are related until the bodies are identified. It is also unknown if the renter of the storage unit is the person of interest in the case.

For now, police will await information from the medical examiner.

"To continue on the investigation, to tie up our loose ends and hopefully get justice for the families of whoever these two individuals are," Lilly said.

"It's kind of creepy," Teella Deems told Newswatch Friday. "Here in Summersville, I mean everybody knows just about everybody in Summersville, and then all of a sudden, there's bodies found in the storage building."

Other residents had similar thoughts.

"I think it's scary," Kara Hines said. "You never think something like that would really happen in Summersville because it's a small community and everybody knows everybody. Then something like that happens, and since it's a small community, you never lock your door."


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