Medical device for pain relief becomes more popular at Beckley hospital

Local - 8/14/2013 5:38 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - A non-narcotic pain relief method used after surgery is becoming popular at a Beckley hospital.

More doctors at Raleigh General Hospital are using On-Q, a device which administers a continuous dose of a local numbing agent.

"It's just another tool in our tool kit of ways to manage pain relief and take care of patients," Dr. Judd Lindley said. "Get them better quicker. Less side effects."

Surgeons say patients get better relief. On-Q is commonly used for knee replacements and C-sections because it delivers local anesthesia to general areas.

"We use it on a regular basis, and the people that opt to have it and the people that don't is such a big difference in their pain control and how they do post-op," Dr. Shanis Padgett told WOAY.

Amy Austin chose to use the device after her second pregnancy.

"I felt like I was up and moving a whole lot quicker," she said. "It helped more with the burning incisional pain, so I didn't need as much medicine, and just being up and moving, I was more awake -- not drowsy. So I was able to interact more with my son and with my visitors."

Doctors at Raleigh General said On-Q also helps prevent drug abuse in West Virginia, which leads that nation in narcotic-related deaths.


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