Fayette County officials lift restriction on tourism industry

Local - 8/13/2013 3:56 PM by Karen Franklin
FAYETTEVILLE - Fayette County tourism businesses received good news Tuesday after officials gave them the OK to hold mass gatherings once restricted by county code.

At a meeting, the Fayette County Commission amended the Unified Development Code, which will now allow businesses like ACE Adventure Resort to charge admission fees for large-scale events.

Several people told WOAY it's a benefit for businesses in locations already suitable for concerts or special events.
"It gives them an opportunity to expand their business in Fayette County," Tim Richardson said. "They're going to enhance what they offer to the public as a whole."

Several businesses called the pre-amendment process "prohibitive" because it was lengthy and restrictive.
"It was almost impossible to do. Now we have the ability to bring people in and hopefully bring some good events to Fayette County," said Jerry Cook, with ACE.

The amendment also gives power to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office to intervene or cancel events if safety concerns arise.

"We put on very large events, but we were restricted," Cook told Newswatch. "We could not cover the cost because we were not allowed to do a fee, so now we can do a fee like all races have or all concerts have."


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