Bramwell man, 66, dies in early morning house fire

Local - 8/12/2013 5:33 PM by Karen Franklin
BRAMWELL - Eleven siblings are mourning the loss of their brother after his life was taken in an early morning house fire.

"Good-hearted person who would do what he could for anybody in town," his sister Debbie Miller told Newswatch. "Had a good reputation. Never in any trouble. Sad that it happened this way. I mean, he is going to be missed."

Relatives identified the man as 66-year-old Bobby Lee Lewis, who died early Monday morning in his childhood home.

"Horrible," said sister Angie Garland. "It was terrible. I mean, that was what you called a home place. It was home."

Beside his mourning family stood Bobby's garden -- untouched by the fire. After the destruction of his home, it's one memory the family will use to stay strong.

"We always have, and we'll continue," the sisters told WOAY. "We'll still bicker, and we'll still fuss just like any family. We'll still stand behind each other."


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