Tech specialists to train Raleigh Co. teachers for iPad classroom incorporation

Local - 8/1/2013 5:31 PM by Karen Franklin
BECKLEY - Two weeks before the start of Raleigh County schools, technology specialists are preparing to train teachers about creative ways to incorporate iPads in the classroom.

The training sessions, which will be held next week for about 1,000 teachers at Woodrow Wilson High School, were scheduled after a partnership between Raleigh County Schools.

Older students will be paired one to one with leased iPads, and younger students will share them. The Raleigh County Board of Education hopes the children, who are used to using technology, will learn faster and want to come to school every day.

"We are making the shift because it is the right thing to do for our students," said Technology Coordinator Mary Ann Foster. "We have to prepare our students for the world they are facing."

Employees at the iRaleigh Tech Center, which was completed two weeks ago, are set to train elementary, middle and high school teachers about how to use the iPads. Teachers and technology specialists believe the incorporation of Apple products will keep students excited about learning.

"We want to increase student learning," said Robin Dishmon, the Technology Integration Specialist. "We want to make them excited about coming to school, and since they're used to using iPhones and all of this technology, we just want to bring that into focus."

Foster also addressed the concern some parents may have about the added technology.

"We can never replace our teachers," she said. "Our teachers are the main core of everything, but the students are very bright. The teachers just have to remember to use those students as a resource, and we can all learn from each other."

The training for teachers will take place next Thursday and Friday.

"If every student in Raleigh County is going to have an iPad, the teachers need some assistance with using the iPads and giving them some ideas on integrating that into their curriculum," Dishmon told WOAY.


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