Fayette County teacher charged with battery

Local - 8/6/2013 8:05 PM by Courtney Rosemond

UPDATE: 8/6/2013

A trial date is now set for a Fayette county teacher facing battery charges.

Kathleen 'Kati" Wade, 57 of Hico is scheduled to appear September 4th before magistrate Danita Young. She is charged with two counts of battery which allegedly occurred in May. Wade is a longtime employee of the Fayette County School System and is currently a teacher at Fayetteville Elementary.

The West Virginia Department of Education is conducting an internal investigation into the allegations.

Wade remains free on $5,000 bond.

UPDATE: 8/2/2013

FAYETTEVILLE - More details are being released on the Fayetteville teacher charged for hitting her students.

Fayetteville Elementary kindergarten teacher Kathleen Wade was charged Tuesday with two counts of battery after two librarians of the Fayetteville Library told police they witnessed the alleged incident.

According to the criminal complaint, librarians told police on May 2, 2013 Wade brought her students to the library and while at the library Wade attempted to break up an altercation between two of her students. Wade smacked one of them on top of the head causing the student to cry. Police also spoke to Wade's teacher aide who said on May 3, 2013 she witnessed wade using both of her hands to smack a student on both ears in an attempt to discipline a student for stealing.

Wade is released on a $5,000 bond and her trial has not yet been set.


ORIGINAL: 7/31/2013

FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayette County teacher is charged after an incident involving a child.

Kathleen Wade, a kindergarten teacher in Fayetteville was arrested Tuesday on two counts of battery stemming from two incidents in May on the second and third of the month.

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Keith Butcher had this to say about the incident, "The school system is aware of the allegations, and while Ms. Wade is still an employee, the county will take steps to ensure that she is not in contact with students."

State Police are handling the investigation, stick with us as more develops on this story.


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