Cuffing Crime: Part II of crime statistics

Local - 7/17/2013 9:58 PM by Joe Hellriegel
FAYETTEVILLE - Statistics show that crime rates in Fayette county are relatively low, but what goes on behind the scenes to keep them that way? 

911 Center Director David Neal says, "We've definitely made a major step up in technology in Fayette County with the CAD."

The new 911 Call Center in Fayette County has improved technology including a program called CAD, Computer aided dispatch.

Neal says, "It's a software program that allows you to best utilize all your resources, all your response agencies, it also provides a tracking mechanism for natures of calls for the response times."

An accurate way to keep track of accidents, crimes and more. In the past everything was handwritten and stored in folders and boxes.

Neal says, "as far as the tracking of types of calls it does what is called pin mapping so that you can literally track a single type of a call and find out how many have occurred, where they are, and it literally places a pin on a map so you can so you can see it in the computer."

It's not just a way to file information, but catches what may happen next.

"by being able to better track activities whether it be crime or medical conditions or whatever, you can see trends and response appropriately to them." says Neal

Trends that will help lead law enforcement to stopping crime. And this program isn't just for the dispatch center.

Neal adds,"if you can see the laptop here you can tell that the CAD is available obviously through security process, the field units can also have the laptops in their car and see the CAD and see what cars are out there and what's available, they can also do their reports from there so, it just makes it a better system all the way around from a management perspective and from a response perspective."


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