W.Va. Human Rights Commission plans to hold hearing on discrimination complaint

Local - 7/15/2013 10:02 AM by Nadine Grimley
CHARLESTON - The state Human Rights Commission planned to hold a hearing early next year on a former Montgomery Police officer's discrimination complaint.

James Wesley Ivy alleged that he was discriminated against because he's black.  Ivy filed a complaint last May and a hearing was scheduled for January 2014.  His complaint said that he was hired as a patrolman in 2008 and claimed he didn't receive a salary increase when he was promoted to lieutenant and wasn't given the responsibilities that come with the rank.  

In 2010 the city settled a lawsuit filed by Ivy over the salary issue, but he was later fired.  

A Kanawha County Circuit Court Judge upheld the dismissal in February, but his attorney appealed that ruling to the West Virginia Supreme Court. 


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