Local fire departments prepare parking for the Jamboree

Local - 7/14/2013 5:24 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BRADLEY - The Boy Scout Jamboree is less than twenty-four hours away and last minute details are keeping organizers hard at work. With so many scouts, visitors and volunteers at the Jamboree this week parking is a big issue on many people's minds.

You may have seen Jamboree signs while driving on US Route 19 directing traffic to the Jamboree parking site. The Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department is covering the primary parking areas.

"Our concern that were taking care of is the amount of traffic that will be in the area, particularly on the high volume days, the arrival day, Monday the 15th, stadium day, July 20th," said Assistant Chief of Bradley Volunteer Fire Department Bobby Palmer.

On these high traffic volume days the volunteer fire department will be staging units in various locations to speed up the response times in case of emergencies.

"We're expecting approximately 800 buses on arrival day along with other vehicles," said Palmer.

Buses and vans are already starting to file in as they bring in volunteers and staff members who are volunteering for the Jamboree. Driving onto the Summit with your own car is not an option.

"All vehicles will come in at the parking area and then they will be shuttled by buses to the Summit," said Palmer.


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