ACLU questions religious Pineville monument

Local - 7/4/2013 11:07 PM by AP
PINEVILLE - The American Civil Liberties Union is questioning a monument of the ten commandments installed on the Wyoming County Courthouse lawn.

ACLU-West Virginia said there are constitutional concerns about the monument, which was erected last week.

Officials say government property is being used to advocate one religion over another, but county Commissioner Silis Mullins tells Newswatch that he would welcome any religious or non-religious monument on the lawn.

Mullins fully backs its construction and says it serves as inspiration during "our darkest hour."

"In this country here lately, we seem to be all put out to be politically correct, and we bend over backwards to recognize and to appease the few and put down and to try to silence the majority," Mullins told WOAY.

The commissioner said the monument was brought to the ACLU's attention by a Pineville resident.


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