Neighbor calls on community to help mother of murdered daughter

Local - 6/30/2013 4:57 PM by Joe Hellriegel
HILLTOP - A neighbor is reaching out to help a mother who believes she has lost her daughter to murder.

This vehicle belongs to Dawn Miller, the mother of 24-year old Santanea Byers who was recently murdered. It's not in very good condition as her neighbor explains.

"After the murder, her vehicle broke down and I was trying to help her with her vehicle and there's so much wrong with it that it's not really worth fixing," said Bob Ellison.

Ellison is trying to help out in any way that he can. He says Miller was taken advantage of by the last mechanic to work on her car.

"Been riding around without an air filter, I don't know how long before I got back that they had done that, but the intake is all full of dirt and trash, the fuel pump is bad, it needs a fan belt," said Ellison.

The list goes on and on. Along with dealing wth her daughters death, Miller has the extra expenses like funeral costs and taking care of Byers' two young boys.

"She's a very decent lady, she just needs help. You know, and I would ask for somebody to maybe donate her something to drive," said Ellison.

Ellison is asking for the community to help his neighbor.

"Dawn, being the way she is, she did not want to feel like she was taking advantage and get a car out of her daughter's death and you know I told her you need help. It's not like your trying to take advantge of anybody. You need it, you work your trying to make a living and you need help," said Ellison.


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