9th annual Run for Hospice

Local - 6/29/2013 6:47 PM by Joe Hellriegel
BECKLEY - An annual poker run in Beckley is benefiting Hospice from the funds raised.

Motorcycles, a car show and a fundraiser all benefited a local organization. It's the 9th annual Run for Hospice put on by Living Waters Baptist Church.

"Its really quite amazing, were honored, they do all the work, they get all the prizes they get the people to do all the advertising, it's really amazing what they do, and to get their turn out we've had today. Of course, were lucky it's a beautiful day and were just really blessed to have them apart of our organiztion," said Public Relations for Hospice, Josh Jones.

The money raised goes to helping hospice paitents throughout the year.

"It's rewarding because because I know how good Hospice is to people because everybody, I know who has somebody at Hospice and they're really great to people," said Kitty Gunnoe.

Riders say they're happy to help a cause like Hospice, and one rider bought something she wasn't expecting to.

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"This is a bike I just bought in the parking lot here wasn't expecting it. But I met Dale, the owner of the bike four years ago at a Christian motorcycle rally at the fairgrounds. It was a little more expensive at that time so I just held off, he told me the price came down and I said ok," said Donna Jones.

Hospice is a not-for-profit organiztion and these riders say they know how helpful it can be to people.

"Well I'm a physical therapist assistant at nursing home rehab and we get to see alot of people from Hospice and have good close friends from Hospice and it's been a great thing for them," said Joe Shelton.

"I have a really close friend of mine, a little old lady in my neighborood that was widowed a few years ago, her husband died of cancer and I've gotten to know her much better after he passed and Hospice really took care of them and I'm riding this ride for Mary's husband," said Donna Jones.


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