Boating safety rises in summer months

Local - 6/29/2013 6:29 PM by Joe Hellriegel
LAKE STEPHENS - The law has cracked down on people drinking and boating in recent years, and this is no different in these summer months. There is an overall concern for boating safety that includes wearing life jackets, and not boating under the influence. Citizens express their concerns for safety on the water.

"The jacket is a must, I'm glad it's a law. I'm sure it saves people lives. I like that they have people patrolling the area for people drinking and up to no good," said Joseph Carter.

Another big concern for people is having experience driving a boat before operating one with many people and other boats around. "I think [a concern is] people getting behind the wheel and not having anybody teach them what to do before they get the big piece of equipment out on the water," said Cortney Castle.


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