Fayette kidnapping arrests

Local - 6/28/2013 6:03 PM by Joe Hellriegel
SMITHERS - Four Fayette County residents are still in jail following an alleged kidnapping and robbery earlier this month. Prison records show that 61-year-old Andrew Thompkins, 46-year-old Cathy Williams, 27-year-old Kenneth Essex and 19-year-old Lesa Lewis are all in Southern Regional Jail on charges of conspiracy, robbery and kidnapping.

According to Smithers Police, during the night-time hours of June 8th Thompkins, Williams, Lewis and Essex are accused of being involved in luring a man to a home, making him with withdraw money from his bank account, taking his personal belongings including his vehicle, and throwing him in a river.  Police say one of the suspects later came to police and gave his confession which led to arrests. 

"One of the suspects, I guess his conscious was getting to him, came to the Smithers Police Department and gave us a confession of the events that happened that night. The Smithers Police Department worked hard and we closed the case quickly and arrested those individuals that reside in this residence," said sergeant C.L. Burkhamer.

The victim was released from the hospital the day of the events and is doing well. The next case hearing has yet to be determined.


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