Area libraries are loaning kilowatt meters

Local - 6/19/2013 6:00 PM by Rebecca Turco
BECKLEY - Area libraries in West Virginia are loaning kilowatt meters so people can track their energy usage.

It's all part of the Kill-A-Watt program from Appalachian Power. Folks in Raleigh County can check out a kilowatt kit for two weeks from county libraries.

Director of Raleigh County Libraries Amy Lilly said the meter allows folks to calculate how much money they could save in a year just by unplugging unused appliances. "If you leave a lot of items like your television, your DVD player, your cell phone charger, electric toothbrush, a lamp - all of that adds up throughout a household," said Lilly. "So this can kind of give you ideas of what is drawing the most energy."

The following libraries in southern West Virginia are participating: Craft Memorial in Bluefield (Mercer County), Fayette County in Oak Hill, Greenbrier County in Alderson and Raleigh County in Beckley.


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