Theatre West Virginia presents Hatfields & McCoys

Local - 6/12/2013 11:48 PM by Tim Studebaker
GRANDVIEW - Theatre-goers packed the outdoor amphitheatre at Grandview Wednesday evening for Theatre West Virginia's performance of "Hatfields and McCoys."  The show began under clear skies, around dusk, in front of a packed house.  Folks came from all over to hear the story of two families, a story that is deeply rooted in the history of West Virginia and Kentucky.  The director and actors were excited to have the opportunity to tell that story.  Audience members were excited to see the show.  Some of them came back after Tuesday night's performance of "Honey in the Rock" so they could see tonight's show as well.

"It was very eye opening for somebody who...I come from New Hampshire, and it was very eye opening to the point where the whole show was based on West Virginia, and how West Virginia became separated from Virginia.  And, a lot of the information that they gave, I didn't even know about...not even in the history books do they give that," said Christine Smith of Beaver in reference to Tuesday night's performance of "Honey in the Rock."

"There's murder.  There's thievery.  There's romance.  And, without spoiling too much, these families begin this fight over a few petty things, and it escalates into a war-like conflict," said Alex Bush, an actor with Theatre West Virginia, about "Hatfields and McCoys."

According to the director, Tuesday night's performance of "Honey in the Rock" was met with a great reaction from the crowd, and he was hoping the same for Wednesday night.  Theatre West Virginia has four different shows running this season.


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